Over two packed days, leading specialist educators prepare you with the essentials for wealth creation in 2016

  • The importance of having a financial education to succeed in any economy
  • The good, the bad and the great opportunities to thrive in 2016
  • Why right now is your best opportunity to start a successful business
  • How good debt is easy to get & can make you rich
  • What you will need to do to capitalise on global volatility in 2016
  • Generating multiple streams of income before the CRASH in 2016
  • Raising venture capital to fund your dream
  • The skills you must know for business, sales & entrepreneurial success
  • What holds back the average person from achieving more in life?
  • How to transition from an Employee mindset to a Business owners mindset

Robert Kiyosaki @theRealKiyosaki

Financial Educator, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Troublemaker

Robert Kiyosaki has always been prepared to say what some didn’t want to hear. With statements like ‘your house is not an asset’ he bucked conventions in his first book, the international best-seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

He predicted the downfall of the investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the impending financial crisis. At the time, people thought he was crazy …until history proved him right.

Robert has also predicted that the market would crash in 2016 in his 2002 book, Rich Dad Prophecy. Now, many financial experts agree an impending crash is looming as the U.S. economy faces predicaments that could have global economic repercussions.

Last year, Robert controversially predicted an increase in taxes, a drop in foreclosures on the market, and much more. Guess what? Almost ALL of them came true…

As a Financial Educator, Robert doesn’t just make predictions – he teaches how to profit from them – good or bad

Robert’s books never leave the best-sellers lists and has been featured globally

Garrett Sutton

Garrett Sutton - acclaimed corporate attorney and asset protection expert

As a member of the elite group of "Rich Dad Advisors" Garrett has written a number of books guiding entrepreneurs and investors. He is an Attorney with over 20 years’ experience in assisting individuals and businesses to determine their corporate structure, limit their liability, protect their assets and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Tom Wheelwright CPA

Best-selling Author and CEO of ProVision Wealth.

A long-standing Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright is a leading tax and wealth expert, best known for making taxes “fun, easy and understandable”. He specialises in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Accounting Today, ABC News Radio and many more media.

Kerwin Rae (Australia)

Businessman, Entrepreneur, Investor and International Speaker

Kerwin Rae is Australasia’s #1 Expert on Influence and the author of “The Entrepreneurial Apprentice”. A media regular, he has consulted in 150+ industries and taught over 100,000 people the world over through his seminars and workshops.

Peng Joon (Malaysia)

Infopreneur, author, world authority on online wealth creation

Peng’s fortunes changed when he Googled the question; “How to make money online?” - & never looked back. He saw that, with the right system, your passion can turn into profit – big profit. You’ll hear his amazing story of how he turned the system he created into over 500 websites generating massive, passive income – and how easily you can do it too.

Andrew Cordle (USA)

Real Estate investor and strategist, best-selling author and educator

A self-taught investor, Andrew quickly turned the skills learned at real estate clubs and in the market into a successful business flipping properties.

After weathering the financial crisis Andrew put together the National Association of Real Estate Investors to help like-minded people grow with the current market and wrote the Amazon best seller, The Boom after the Bubble.

Kevin Green (UK)

Property investor, author, social entrepreneur & wealth educator

After struggling at school & homelessness in his 20’s a chance meeting with fellow dyslexic Sir Richard Branson inspired him to buy his first property using credit cards and his empire began. His property portfolio now runs into the hundreds.

Gaining fame on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, Kevin’s personal mission is now to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs & he travels the world sharing his Rich Rules.